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Find(s) of the Day: Gesture-Reading Electronics, Scratch Software

January 12, 2010

Compute With a Wave of the Hand… or Foot

Casey Rodgers/AP Images for XBox

FROM NYTIMES.COM (Ashlee Vance reporting): Reported as the biggest interface breakthrough since the introduction of the mouse, major PC and game system makers will begin selling devices that allow users to manipulate onscreen data and action with simple hand gestures. Sound familiar at all? : ) (See December 11, 2009 post on this blog.) Very cool. See the full NYTimes article and related clips and links at

More Open Source Creativity

I think I’m in love…

I saw this from across the room at the Boston Museum of Science this weekend, while my kids were “showing me” (read: refusing to walk away from) the I-Robot interaction. Downloadable software and an online environment for creating and sharing your original animations, music, art, and games. There are galleries, forums, and a place for educators, too, of course. If it were a guy (and I was single), I’d have tried to get his number. No dice, but a nice intern gave me the URL:

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  1. February 2, 2010 1:38 am

    ( Scratch is a wonderful software! And yes, is freesoftware )
    ( too! [You know, like speech, not like beer] What a )
    ( wonderful thing your kids had discover it, i recommend you )
    ( a lot the papers published by Mitchell Resnick [leader of )
    ( the development] about Society of Creativity emerging far )
    ( beyond of Information Society. Best regards, Tezcatl, )

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