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About This Blog

This is my professional blog and I hope it will always be a worthwhile work in progress.

It’s an outlet for sharing and discussing items of interest to people involved in educational product development, regardless of discipline. It’s an eclectic place — an interdisciplinary, kind of quirky feed of timely information with a loose common theme — because that suits the nature of the business, the people who do it, and the way many of us like to learn. The subjects seem to be all over the place but what they have in common is that the information is interesting and useful to someone in the business, somehow: for brainstorming, designing, writing, evaluating, keeping up with research or applications, or keeping up with developments of note.

Right now, I can’t say Developing News has a developed voice yet — it’s really a hodgepodge of an infancy with a simple delivery system — but I’m determined to work to give it one. You can help me with your comments and feedback. I plan to add more than text and pics and links, as I learn how to. I hope it will evolve into a useful/fun arena and meeting place for colleagues. With your help, it will.

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