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What is “w00t!?” Seriously?

Just kidding.

It’s a kind of excited shout-out, like “wuhoo!” or “booya!” for people whose fingers are glued to computer keyboards for hours at a time. I picked it up years (and years) ago, it seems, from time spent in online chatrooms — remember those? — with what must have been some serious D&D players and programmers. It means you found treasure. Although a computer text-based shout, if you were to translate the “w00t!” into human speech, it should sound like a cross between a whistle and an owl hoot. Kind of. Definitely geeky (who said that?!) but better than OMG.

In the context of this blog, “w00t!” means a find of particular coolness or importance. IMO, of course. : )

w00t! in a hat

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