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As Texas Goes, So Goes the Nation?

September 23, 2014

(Photo by Eric Gay/AP)


“The Texas State Board of Education is studying how textbook publishers responded to the state’s ideologically driven guidelines for teaching history. The results, say historians, are dire.”

I’d like to pass along an article that I found today by Edward Countryman, writing for The Daily Beast. It focuses, not on brain science or interesting new technological break throughs, but about educational content development. Or, more precisely, about the most recent effects of ideological politics on big-market K-12 content development. The author is sensitive to the issues publishers face as they work to secure sales and market share, but that doesn’t alter the reality of how ill-conceived standards lead what is being developed for these classrooms. You can read the article here:

And if you’re in the mood for candid reactions to what can be found in some of the submitted textbooks — from the questionable to the outright incorrect — try this blog article from the Houston Press.

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