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A Case for Unplugged Schools

March 30, 2013

Children MeetingSchools Can Address Society’s Ills by Offsetting Digital Connections With Deeply Human Ones 

FROM ORION (Lowell Monke):”In a society in which adults so commonly treat each other mechanically, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that our youth are more attracted to machines. It seems to me that in such a society one task of schools would be to stress the kind of deeply caring, fully present, and wholly human interaction that long ago disappeared from ordinary public life and is now rapidly evaporating from private experience as well. By helping our youth become good at and appreciate the value of profound human engagement, we may help cool the attraction to mediated experiences …”

A call for contrarian action, this is another good piece by Lowell Monke that explores the developmental role of schools, society, and technology in childrens’ lives. You can read the article here.

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