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High Stakes Testing Fails Our Kids in Fundamental Ways

October 26, 2010

In the spirit of getting ready for the March to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear) in D.C.,

Prof. Richard Elmore, HGSE

I bring you some sane and sage insight from Richard Elmore of HGSE regarding high stakes testing and its impact on the relationship among teachers, students, and content in schools. It’s a little off-topic for this blog, I guess, but I am so tired of fighting this battle — sometimes, seemingly — alone out here, where education is often made synonymous with skills training in parents’ minds. And I’m tired of trying to remediate the effects of MCAS on my children’s education with the limited tools that I have at my disposal. So, I will happily pass along anything that supports what I know with a mixture of research results and common sense. Here’s the link to a good, quick read:

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