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Just in Time for Fall: Change How You Study

September 8, 2010

Ellen Weinstein for The New York Times

Happy September, Everyone. : )

My summer vacation is officially over and I’m back to posting. How appropriate is it that I find this article on “new” research that throws some age-old study suppositions on their tails?

I’m not sure Howard Gardner, et al, back at ‘GSE will appreciate the reference to “the lack of credible evidence” for the utility of understanding learning styles, made by researchers who published this research review in this APS Journal. The abstract has me questioning their suppositions and they sound a bit, oh I don’t know, “hackish” I guess, if that’s a word. : ) However, methodology is important and I may have to read the review in its entirety to find out, alas.

Nevertheless, it was nice to see other support for some practical teaching/study methods I’ve employed by trial and error, myself — esp., getting out of the mud,  the heck away from the “official study zone,” and mixing it up a little!

You can read the NYTimes article here:

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